Calvin Froedge

Calvin started writing code for a freelance project in February of 2011 that needed an integration with PayPal Payments Pro. Finding that the PayPal SDK was not that great, and thinking "payment gateway implementations should be an abstraction - not an involved integration project", Calvin started writing code for a CodeIgniter package. When the package was released, it only supported PayPal Payments Pro and was very simple. Since then, the library has grown to support a dozen gateways and undergone multiple refactorings.

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Phil Sturgeon

Phil provided early support, encouraging Calvin (who was new to PHP) to continue developing the code and to package the code as a CodeIgniter spark. When Phil made the call for speakers for the first CodeIgniter on tour conference, Calvin asked to speak and promised to radically improve his payments class (which by then supported 3 gateways). Amazingly, and probably against his better judgement, Phil obliged. PHP-Payments would not exist had Phil not taken a chance on an unproven developer.

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Joel Kallman

Joel was the first person to fork the spark CodeIgniter payments and contribute a gateway to the codebase. He is responsible for the BluePay payments support. He has also contributed extremely valuable ideas on how to improve the code and has made great feature suggestions.

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James Riordon

James made the first donation to CodeIgniter payments. He needed a payment integration for his own project and CodeIgniter payments met his need. His gift was a huge confidence booster and was most appreciated.

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