Five Lines of Code to Integrate


$p = new PHP_Payments;

$config = Payment_Utility::load('config', '/path/to/your/gateway/config'); 
$params = array('cc_number' => 4111111111111111, 'amt' => 35.00, 'cc_exp' => '022016', 'cc_code' => '203');

$response = $p->oneoff_payment('name_of_payment_driver', $params, $config);

Framework Agnostic

Though the project began as a CodeIgniter spark, PHP-Payments is now a framework agnostic API. Writing an interface to bring it to your framework is easy, and your framework could already be supported.

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This stuff takes a lot of hard work. To date, we've logged hundreds of hours on this project, and sadly free code doesn't pay bills.

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